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Are you looking for an exercise method that not only strengthens your body but also promotes flexibility and body awareness? Look no further than Pilates. Originally developed as a rehabilitation method for soldiers, Pilates has evolved into a holistic exercise program that targets the core muscles, improves posture, and helps restore muscle imbalances. Our Physio Pilates classes and reformer appointments are specifically designed for individuals looking to strengthen their core and support injury treatment or prevention. Led by our Registered Physiotherapist and Body Harmonics ® mat and reformer instructor, Jeannette Johnson, our Physio Pilates classes and appointments are tailored to your specific needs and injury history. Keep reading to learn more about our Physio Pilates classes and one-on-one reformer appointments, and how they can benefit your body and overall health.

What is Pilates?

Pilates was originally developed as a rehabilitation method for soldiers. Through years of refinement, Pilates has become an exercise method that integrates postural and breathing awareness into a program designed to strengthen the core muscles. Pilates is a series of fluid movements designed to build body awareness, promote flexibility and support resistance training in a fashion that builds lean muscle. Pilates is an excellent addition to any exercise program requiring strength and flexibility training that supports the core musculature, encourages improved posture and helps restore muscle imbalance.

How will Pilates help me?

Pilates is ideal for those looking for light resistance exercise using body weight. It helps create awareness of posture, breathing and movement patterns that may be contributing to weakness, pain, or dysfunction. Pilates is specifically designed to help patients connect with their body and build strong core musculature in the shoulder blade, low back and pelvic region.

Four women participating in a Physio Pilates Class at the Guelph HPC being taught by Jeannette Johnson

Physio Pilates Classes

Physio Pilates classes will be taught by Jeannette Johnson, Registered Physiotherapist and Body Harmonics ® mat and reformer instructor. Your physiotherapist will be aware of your current injury condition and will help you develop a program specific to your needs. The class will consist of people who have experienced similar injuries, who are looking to advance their home program and perhaps consider working on their core strength in a community-based Pilates program when finished. See class schedule

The Physio Pilates classes are ideal for those who want to improve their core strength and posture to help with the treatment of injuries to areas such as the low back and hip.

Learn More About Current HPC Physio Pilates Classes

Physio Pilates Physiotherapist Jeannette Johnson supporting a physio pilates reformer client at the HPC Guelph

Looking for one-on-one Physio Pilates Appointments?

Work with Jeannette Johnson, Registered Physiotherapist and Body Harmonics ® mat and reformer instructor, to develop a program specific to your needs using the Pilates Reformer. The reformer is a specialized piece of Pilates equipment that allows you to add resistance to your core workout. Using a spring-loaded system, the reformer can be used in sitting, standing, kneeling, and lying down positions to challenge your muscles in a variety of ways. It increases awareness of your core strength and stability as you work through your exercises with increased intensity and endurance when compared to most mat programs. The straps that are attached to the reformer allow you to move your arms and legs in ranges of motion that would be challenging to do on your own without the assistance of the straps, while presenting an additional challenge for your core.

The reformer is a great step up for those who have completed rehab for a hip, back or shoulder injury or those who are progressing through their rehab program with relative ease. It can be used to intensify your current core exercise program and provide you with new challenges for your body's strength, flexibility and endurance needs. A reformer is also a great option for those who are looking to strengthen their muscles to support their joints in a low-impact format.

Each reformer session will be taught one-on-one. You will learn how to use the equipment safely and how to modify the exercises and the machine for your specific needs. It is an excellent addition to any core program that may feel stagnant and is a great introduction to the reformer if you are considering participating in a class at any one of the several Pilates studios in Guelph and the surrounding area.

Each Physio Pilates Reformer appointment is 40 minutes in duration (billed as a 40-minute Physiotherapy Treatment for $100).

Booking an Appointment

If you are interested in registering for an upcoming session of Physio Pilates classes or booking a Physio Pilates reformer appointment with Jeannette Johnson, please call 519 767-5011, extension 1. Each Physio Pilates Reformer session is 40 minutes in duration (billed as a Complex Physiotherapy Treatment for $100). 

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