Nerve Pain? Try Nerve Flossing!

Jun 7th, 2021

Nerve flossing - U of G Health and Performance Centre

Nerve Flossing 101:

Nerve flossing is exactly what it sounds like! This technique is intended to gently glide the nerve through its pathway, allowing the nerve to work through any adhesions that may be there. Nerve flossing improves the nerve’s range of motion and can help alleviate pain.

A few things to note about nerve flossing:

  • It shouldn’t hurt! When you go through the motion, go until just before you feel a stretch/discomfort. The purpose of nerve flossing is not to stretch the nerve, it is only to glide through its pathway. With more and more practice, you will be able to increase your range of motion and go further. 
  • Do it in unison! Nerve gliding techniques involve a release at one end of the nerve tract and a pull at the other end, repeating in opposite directions. Try to move through this motion in unison in order to avoid stretching further than anticipated. 

Head to our Instagram page (@hpcguelph) to check out some outstanding video instruction on how to improve your overall health and mobility with some great nerve flossing techniques! Remember to only go through a range of motion that is comfortable. You should not feel discomfort or pain while going through any of the nerve flossing techniques laid out by our HPC Guelph physiotherapists

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