NCHA Survey Results

Every three years the University of Guelph participates in the National College Health Assessment survey, aimed at better understanding the health and wellness of our students. Data is collected on student’s demographics, physical health, mental health, substance use habits, sexual health, sleep habits, and more. Information obtained from this survey is shared with many campus partners to inform decision making and to further tailor resources to assist students in achieving their academic and personal goals. The information is also made available to the community and students who participated. Student Wellness Services would like to thank the students who participated in this survey.

The results can be viewed below under File Attachments. For 2019, Student Wellness Services’ curated report has been posted as well as the Executive Report provided by the American College Health Association.

University of Guelph 2019 NCHA Report

2016 NCHA Survey Results

2013 NCHA Survey Results