Physiotherapy Treatment for Concussions

How Physiotherapy Can Help Your Concussion Recovery Process

Why You Should See a Physiotherapist After a Concussion

Research outlines that those individuals that seek out physiotherapy to assess and treat the various systems in their body that contribute to these concussion symptoms return to school/work and sport earlier compared to patients that just “rest”. HPC’s unique process assesses individuals to determine what symptoms contribute to their possible concussion.

The HPC physiotherapy team in Guelph is uniquely trained to assess the body systems that can contribute to concussion symptoms such as neck or cervical spine complaints, headaches, dizziness, balance deficits and some visual complaints. Our team will also connect athletes with community resources and help develop a personalized, comprehensive plan that may also include Occupational Therapy, Vision Therapy and Sport Psychology.

Concussion Treatments and Recovery Options
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Our physiotherapists use their advanced manual therapy skills to treat symptoms coming from the neck and vestibular system. When appropriate we use balance and vision training exercises. Finally, we adhere to a rigorous cardiovascular conditioning and sport-specific protocol prior to making recommendations to return to sport.

While everyone’s rehabilitation is designed specifically for them, it is common that the following are a part of an individual’s treatment: 

  • Manual therapy to treat symptoms from the neck and vestibular systems  
  • Balance and vision training exercises  
  • Cardiovascular conditioning and sport-specific protocol  

Concussion recovery varies among patients. Research clearly shows that concussions in patients under the age of 18 can often take longer to recover. Most concussion patients are cleared to return to school/work and sports within 2 weeks, but those with more severe symptoms may be in treatment longer. Our team uses a checklist program to monitor your progress and establish clear targets for a successful return specific to your individual needs. 

Our physiotherapists advocate for patients and their support teams. We make ourselves available for the many questions and communicate with doctors; coaches/trainers, and employers.


HPC Concussion-related services:

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