Wellness Education & Promotion Centre

The whole person is our priority.

We improve life by providing resources, interactive programming and peer-to-peer education and support.

Wellness Education & Promotion is a student-driven unit where University of Guelph students can access information and support about health and well-being, training resources and attend free wellness-themed events!

Students standing in front of the Gryphon statue.Student Support Network

The Student Support Network (SSN) offers drop-in Peer support in Fall and Winter terms.

Apple and stethoscope. Education and Support Programs

Peer support can look like individualized wellness coaching or specific group environments dedicated to one area of wellness or another. Wellness offers both!

Virtual Wellness Resources

Check out this page for some great Informational Resources including PDF's and YouTube Videos.

team cheer Get Involved

The Wellness Education and Promotion Centre provides a diverse variety of volunteer opportunities in which University of Guelph students can become involved.

Apple and stethoscope.  WEPC Philosophies

The Wellness Education & Promotion Centre works from five philosophical foundations while providing experiential learning opportunities through peer-to-peer programs.

red leaves on maple tree Seven Dimensions of Wellness

The seven dimensions of wellness is an approach to living a healthy and balanced life by recognizing the influences on our well-being.