Health & Performance Centre

About the Health and Performance Centre (HPC):

Providing high-performance injury recovery right in the heart of campus. 

The Health and Performance Centre (HPC) prevents and treats sports and activity-related injuries for the University of Guelph and the surrounding community. Whether you are a recreationally active or an elite competitive athlete, our collaborative team of skilled practitioners will provide specialized care to help you perform at your best. Achieve a healthy, active lifestyle with the help of the HPC team.

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Our Services:

Man performing physiotherapy and injury recovery on a teenager with a knee injury


Our Guelph Physiotherapists support our clients by assessing and treating a variety of joint and muscle dysfunctions related to sport, activity or inactivity.

Female chiropractor performing a neck manipulation on a blonde woman wearing a black mask and red shirt

Chiropractic Care

Our team of chiropractors will work with you tohelp reduce pain, improve range of motion, maximize performance and contribute to overall wellness.

Woman wearing a black shirt treating another woman who is laying down with Massage Therapy Guelph

Massage Therapy

Our Registered Massage Therapists support clients by assessing and treating conditions involving muscles.

Naturopath Doctor with blonde hair and green shirt testing the blood pressure of a young woman wearing a red shirt with blonde hair Guelph Guelph

Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic Medicine is a regulated form of primary health care that considers and addresses obstacles to health to support individuals to live well in collaboration with their existing medical team.

Dietitian and Nutrition services in Guelph

Dietitian & Nutrition

Our Registered Dietitians specialize in nutrition for general health and peak sport performance.

Guelph Osteopathy


Osteopathy uses skilled manual therapeutic techniques to assess and treat the sources of pain, supporting healing through the whole body.

Sports Medicine Doctor Guelph

Sports Medicine

Our Sports Medicine Physicians specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of both acute and chronic physical activity and sport-related injuries.

Concussion Guelph

Concussion Recovery

Let our expert medical team ensure a timely and safe return to sport and activity after your concussion. Recovery is possible.

Certified Pedorthic expert building custom orthodics Guelph

Pedorthics & Orthotics

Our Certified Pedorthists help our clients by using computerized gait analysis to assess and treat biomechanical conditions of the feet and legs. Expertise working with elite Gryphon athletes.

HPC Athletic Therapy Guelph

Varsity Athletic Therapy

Athletic Therapists are on the front lines of athletic care, working with live, real-time access to athletes in motion.

Guelph Gryphons women's rugby team members in a huddle. Physiotherapy Guelph HPC

U of G Athletic Pre-Screen

HPC offers pre-screening for a wide variety of sports.

Physiotherapy Guelph

HPC Programs

Learn about additional programs the Health and Performance Centre offers to support the varied needs of our clients.

Physiotherapy Guelph

HPC Career Opportunities

Learn more about current opportunities at the HPC.