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Virginia (Ginny) Reynolds - Registered Massage Therapist

Virginia (Ginny) Reynolds

Registered Massage Therapist, HPC Guelph

Registered Massage Therapist Virginia (Ginny) Reynolds has been practicing since 1994 and joined the staff at the University of Guelph’s Health and Performance Centre in 2010. Ginny has a treatment-oriented approach to her practice utilizing her experience to treat clients of all ages. A large percentage of her clients spend their days working on computers, have physical jobs, spend hours driving, deal with stress and anxiety, work out or are involved in athletics.

Ginny has spent many years working with triathletes, swimmers, golfers, soccer players, volleyball players, cyclists and hockey players. She also regularly treats clients who deal with postural dysfunction, which can lead to daily pain patterns (ie – shoulder pain, headaches, neck stiffness, arm pain, upper and middle back pain, knee, hip and low back problems). “I love to look for a ‘kinetic kink’ that limits or restricts the way my client’s bodies move,” says Reynolds. “This often occurs from postural restrictions, repetitive use issues, or injuries to the tissue causing an imbalance".

During an appointment Ginny likes to utilize a wide variety of techniques within her treatment, including fascia release, kneading, stripping, stretching, cupping, rocking and trigger point release to encourage change or release in the tissue. "My treatments can be deep tissue, but I always recommend to every client that there should be ‘no pain‘ associated with the pressure and that the treatment should always register as ‘good pressure.’ Feedback is crucial during the treatment so that this is achieved. Massage is a great way to help restore balance. Whether you choose to use massage in combination with other health care therapies or on its own, you can find benefits.”

Outside of her work at the Health and Performance Centre, Ginny has been involved in community associations such as, serving as a Co-Convenor/Coach with the Guelph Youth Basketball Association, several positions within the Guelph Soccer Club (Board of Directors member, youth head coach, women's assistant coach), as well as a Team Manager within the Guelph Girls Hockey Association. As a former varsity athlete herself at the University of Guelph (women’s soccer), Ginny also volunteers her time with the current varsity women’s soccer team each season to help keep their players healthy and playing.

Virginia (Ginny) Reynolds - Registered Massage Therapist


  • B.A., University of Guelph
  • Sutherland Chan Massage School, Toronto

Continuing Education and Certificates:

  • Cupping massage
  • Advanced orthopaedic massage (upper body)  
  • Integrated manual therapy & orthopaedic massage to eliminate multiple nerve compression of the upper body
  • Myoskeletal alignment techniques
  • Reiki I
  • Intro yoga
  • Soft tissue manipulation for neck and upper back
  • Myofascial release for shoulder
  • Shiatsu for psaos release
Virginia (Ginny) Reynolds - Registered Massage Therapist

Professional Membership & Licenses

  • College of Massage Therapist of Ontario