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The chiropractic services at the University of Guelph's Health and Performance Centre offer clients a collaborative approach unlike any other in the City of Guelph.

Our talented chiropractors work closely alongside an expansive team of certified practitioners, ensuring all of our clients’ needs are met to the highest standards to achieve optimal health for the entire body.

At HPC, our chiropractors do more than simply treat injuries. As leading experts in performance, our team of doctors also specialize in injury prevention work, helping clients perform and function at their very best. Dr. Robert Winslow and Dr. Kate Henderson bring with them an abundance of experience, having worked with a wide range of elite athletes, both at the national level including Olympians as well as the collegiate level within our country. Our team of chiropractors use an active approach to treatment and empower patients to play a key role in their overall care. HPC has provided chiropractic services to the Guelph community for over 20 years.


HPC Chiropractic Treatment Options

Chiropractic Assessment
Before your first visit to the HPC for a chiropractic session, you will need to book a chiropractic assessment.  This includes the completion of a standard questionnaire with billing and personal information as well as providing consent to be treated by a Doctor of Chiropractic.   These appointments are booked for 40 minutes and you will be assessed and likely treated in that time.  Your Chiropractor will guide you to understand more about your condition and show you how you can be involved in your own treatment plan.

Chiropractic Treatments
Chiropractic treatments are the standard chiropractic sessions that are booked following your initial assessment. A chiropractic treatment is 20 minutes in length and will involve continuing discussion of the treatment plan, treatment techniques that are appropriate for management of the injury, and any further education and exercise prescription to complement the initial plan.

Complex Chiropractic Treatment
A complex chiropractic treatment can be booked following your initial assessment. This treatment is longer in duration due to increased needs for your chiropractic treatment. These appointments are 40 minutes in length and involve continuing discussion of the treatment plan, treatment techniques that are appropriate for management of the injury, and any further education and exercise prescription to complement the initial plan.

Chiropractic Telehealth Session
A shorter consultation treatment session to check in on progress and answer questions, provide guidance, education and exercise prescription/review.

Complex Chiropractic Telehealth Session
This session should be booked for our patients who are looking for a more detailed review of their injury recovery, re-assessment of mobility, function and goals and for progressions of self-care and exercise programs.



No, chiropractic care is considered Primary Health Care and you do not need a referral.
Prior to your first appointment, you will be emailed any relevant forms. Your session will begin with a detailed health history so that you have a chance to let us know what brings you in and how it is affecting your day-to-day function. Your chiropractor may also ask questions about things like past injuries, health concerns and sleep. Next your chiropractor will perform a physical exam, looking at things like posture, movement, strength, and balance. Your feedback on how you’re feeling, and any questions you might have, are always welcome. Finally, your chiropractor will explain their findings and make treatment recommendations. Typically, treatment begins at the first appointment unless further testing is indicated
Most Extended Health Care plans provide coverage for chiropractic care. Every plan is different, so we encourage you to familiarize yourself with your individual plan. If you are a University of Guelph student, you can get more information about your plan by visiting The Ontario Chiropractic Association’s “Patient’s Guide to Extended Health Care Coverage” also provides a lot of useful information.
After a thorough history and physical exam, you will have a discussion with your chiropractor about a recommended treatment plan and frequency of care. Each situation is unique, and we will frequently re-assess your outcomes and goals. Our aim is always to get our patients back to doing the things they love as quickly as possible.
Yes, virtual appointments are available. Please indicate to our administrative staff if this is the type of appointment you would prefer.
Taking X-Rays is not a routine aspect of our chiropractic services at the University of Guelph Health and Performance Centre. When it is indicated, we can directly refer our patients to local medical imaging facilities for X-Rays, although these are not covered by OHIP. Our chiropractors work collaboratively with patient’s physicians when any additional testing or imaging is required.