Student Recovery & Addiction Resources

Student Recovery & Addiction Resources

Welcome to the University of Guelph's addiction and recovery resources page. Here, you will find information on the support and services available to students, staff, and faculty who are struggling with addiction or seeking recovery. We understand that addiction can affect anyone and that seeking help can be difficult. That's why we offer a range of resources, both on campus and in the community, to support those in need. Whether you are looking for information on substance abuse treatment, mental health support, or support groups, you will find it here.

We encourage you to explore the resources on this page and to reach out for help if you or someone you know is struggling with addiction. Together, we can support one another on the road to recovery.

Student Recovery Community (SRC)

The Student Recovery Community is a peer support program for UofG students in recovery or curious to explore their relationship with alcohol or drugs. It is a safe space on campus established by and for students with lived experience of addiction and recovery.

The SRC provides opportunities for students to support one another on their chosen recovery pathway. The SRC supports all pathways of recovery – from harm reduction to abstinence, we support everyone no matter what their journey looks like. Peer support meetings are open to all UofG students who struggle with addiction or are curious to explore their relationship with substances or addictive behaviours. Abstinence is not a requirement for participation

If you're interested in joining the SRC or learning more about the group, send us an email at letting us know you're interested and we’ll send you the meeting location.

Summer 2024: The SRC is not currently running in the S24 semester. All-recovery meetings will resume in the F24 semester.

“As far as what the SRC has given me... it’s allowed me to connect with like-minded people so I don’t feel as alone.” – SRC participant

Addiction Support Resources: 

Campus Resources (all free for UofG students): 

Community Resources:

  • SOS (Specialized Outreach Services)- Downtown GCHC  Specialized Outreach Services (SOS) is a mental health and addiction regional service working with individuals 18 years and older who are disconnected from services, street-involved, homeless or at risk of homelessness, living with mental health/ addiction/ concurrent issues, and experiencing physical health issues.
  • RAAM (Rapid Access Addictions Medicine- Sponsored by Stonehenge). A specialized clinic for those who are experiencing health issues related to substance use. RAAM clinics are held on a drop-in basis and staffed with a physician/nurse practitioner, addiction counsellor and peer support worker.
  • Consumption and Treatment Services -Downtown GCHC: Safely consume your drugs while having a team of Registered Nurses, Peer Workers to respond if you experience drug poisoning. Focused on harm reduction. This service is free. 
  • Stonehenge: Offer multiple programs such as RAAM, but also safer supply programs out in rural wellington, peer-to-peer counselling and overdose response, and an opioid substitute program.
  • ARCH-HIV/AIDS Resources & Community Health: Focused on harm reduction. Provides new drug use equipment and education on safest use, distribution of new and safe drug supplies. Provides education about transmission of diseases through drug use, Naloxone training and distribution. This service is free. 
  • Sanguen Health Centre: Focused on harm reduction. Offers Hepitis C care, safer drug use/equipment, STBBI/HCV/HIV testing & treatment and education about transmission of diseases through drug use, free new drug use equipment and education with safest use, distribution of new and safe drug supplies, Naloxone distribution and training. The mobile van programs provide outreach for nursing care, new drug equipment, testing and more to the local community. This service is free. 
  • CMHA Addictions Peer Support Groups: Does not require any intake or registration and there is no waiting to join! See their calendars for a detailed schedule of events.
  • Alcoholics Anonymous Guelph: 519-836-1522
  • Homewood Health Community Alcohol & Drug Services: 519-824-1010
  • Distress Centre: 519-821-3760
  • Youth Line: 519-821-5469
  • ConnexOntario: Addiction, mental health and problem gambling treatment services
  • Ontario Addiction & Treatment Centre: 905-773-3884
  • Good2Talk: 1-866-925-5454

National Resources:

  • NORS (National Overdose Response Service): NORS is an overdose prevention hotline for Canadians providing loving, confidential, nonjudgmental support for you, whenever and wherever you use drugs. Call NORS before you use drugs to connect with people who want to help you stay safe. 1-888-688-NORS(6677) 
  • Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CMHA) (Waterloo-Wellington): 519-884-9757
  • Drug and Alcohol Registry of Treatment (DART): 1-800-565-8603
  • Check Your Drinking: For more information on alcohol use, including average calories consumed and money spent annually. 
  • Know The Score - For more information about almost any drug and its effects, visit a great site based out of Scotland, although the legal information won’t be applicable.
  • Alcoholics Anonymous- For a list of AA meeting groups in Ontario, including their Guelph group 
  • APAP™ Peer Support All People, All Pathways are facilitated peer group meetings for individuals questioning their relationship with substances. In these groups you will find a safe environment to ask questions, free from stigma or discrimination. Individuals seeking help or wanting to help others are welcome.

Information Kits:

Infokits are prepared by the Student Wellness Education and Promotion Centre at the University of Guelph and provide helpful resources and more information on each topic.