Fees & Eligibility

University of Guelph Counselling Fees and Eligibility 

Counselling Services Fees:

Most services are provided free of charge as we work to support the overall wellness of the University of Guelph community. For registered students, individual sessions are free of charge. These fees are included in the Student Services Fees that you pay with your tuition.

  • Individual sessionsWorkshops, Therapy Groups & Stress Management Programs: For registered students, workshops, therapy groups and stress management programs have no fee at time of service.
  • No-Show Fee: All appointments missed, rescheduled or cancelled with less than 24-hour notice are subject to a $20 fee. Please cancel Friday for Monday appointments.

Eligibility of Service:

Counselling Services are available to all University of Guelph full and part-time undergraduate and graduate students.

The following services are not provided by Counselling Services:

  • Alcohol/drug counselling (we will refer you to the appropriate community resource)
  • Court-ordered assessments
  • Children's Services