Dealing with Disruptive Behaviour

What is Disruptive Behaviour?

  • verbal threats
  • physical threats
  • damage to University or other people's property
  • misconduct resulting from drug or alcohol abuse
  • persistent and unreasonable demands for time and attention
  • habitual interference with the work or classroom environment

What is NOT Disruptive Behaviour?

  • individual/cultural differences
  • most disagreements or differences of opinion
  • situation frustration, e.g., The person who explodes after being rudely shunted through six offices where no one has (a) listened, (b) helped, or (c) suggested anything better than a referral to another office

Dealing with Disruptive and/or Harassing Behaviour by Students in an Academic Situation

  • The instructor should indicate to the student that the behaviour is disruptive and ask that the individual conform to expected standards
  • If the disruption continues, the instructor will ask the student to leave the classroom. If the student refuses, University of Guelph Police should be called (ext. 52000) to assist the instructor in ejecting the student
  • If the instructor considers that there is immediate danger or is concerned for their safety, contact University of Guelph Police, ext. 52000
  • If a student is asked to leave the classroom or if an instructor is concerned about that individual's safety, the department chair should be notified.