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The Shine Cast is a podcast where we’re having conversations with students, staff, and faculty at the University of Guelph around mental health, mental illness, how we cope and how we thrive throughout our journeys. The Shine Cast is produced by the Wellness Education and Promotion Centre and can be found across all major podcast platforms. The Shine Cast officially launched on Thursday, January 28, 2021! New episodes are available every other week. Head to your favourite podcast provider now to listen, rate and subscribe!

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Episode 6 - The SHINE Cast podcast

Episode 6: Sarah - A Member of the Family

In our Season 1 finale, we’re talking with Sarah, a clinical counsellor (aka a veterinary social worker) with the Ontario Veterinary College. Sarah shares what exactly ‘veterinary social work’ is and why it’s so important to the field of veterinary medicine. We also discuss what it’s like to deal with grief, how pets truly become members of the family,  how to deal with imposter syndrome in such a small professional, and of course share personal stories around mental health.

We'll be back for Season 2 of The Shine Cast in September 2021!

Episode 5 - The SHINE Cast podcast

Episode 5: Sonia - Helping Myself to Help Others (Available March 25, 2021)

This episode we’re chatting with Sonia, an undergrad student at the University of Guelph. Sonia is double majoring in Biology and Psychology with the hope of pursuing a career in the mental health field. Sonia’s interest in mental health stems from her own experiences following major surgery to treat scoliosis in high school. Since then, Sonia has learned a lot about her own mental health and how to help others. This episode we also learn about Jack.Org, a great organization which helped Sonia along her journey. You can learn more about Jack.Org by visiting their website or finding your local chapter.

Episode Resources:

Jack.Org Guelph Chapter:

Episode 4 - The SHINE Cast

Episode 4: Jaime - Admitting I Deserve Help (Available March 11, 2021)

This episode we’re chatting with Jaime, a student currently doing two degrees as a University of Guelph Business student, as well as studying Astrophysics at Western University. Jaime shares with us her story of living with her multiple diagnoses of anxiety, depression and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Jaime walks us through some common misconceptions about OCD, what her experience has been like, and how she has found ways to adapt and thrive.  

Jaime also talks about her experience speaking on last fall’s Mental Health Panel, part of the University of Guelph’s SHINE Mental Well-Being Week! Our next Mental Health Panel is coming up on Wednesday, March 17th at 5:30pm, so please join us to hear more stories like Jamie’s! Register at:  

Episode Resources:

University of Guelph Counselling Services:

Crisis Text Line powered by Kid's Help Phone OR Text "UofG" to 686868

Episode 4 Transcript

Episode 3 - The SHINE Cast podcast

Episode 3: Brooke & Darian - Athletes Without Sports (available February 25, 2021)

This episode we’re talking with two University of Guelph undergrads: Brooke and Darian. Brooke and Darian are both student athletes and co-leads of UofG’s SAMHI (Student Athlete Mental Health Initiative). We hear what it’s been like transitioning from high school, to university, to pandemic life and how that’s affected their sports, schooling, and of course mental health. This episode we hear about several helpful UofG resources, including SAMHI, the Student Support Network, and the Indigenous Student Centre.

Student Athlete Mental Health Initiative Instagram

Indigenous Student Centre

Student Support Network

Episode 3 Transcript

Episode 2 - The SHINE Cast

Episode 2: Cayden - Coming Out Saved My Life (available February 11, 2021)

This episode we’re chatting with Cayden, a University of Guelph alumni now pursuing a degree in Behavioral Psychology. Cayden has lived through more than most, experiencing the struggles of chronic physical illness as well as gender dysphoria. Now he is an out and proud trans man looking to help others battling mental illness. Listen to Cayden describe his journey of mental and physical illness and how coming out helped save his life. 

Episode 2 Transcript

The SHINE Cast - Ep. 1 header

Episode 1: Katie - The Evil Part of Your Brain

In our very first episode, we’re talking with Katie McLean, a University of Guelph staff member and alumni currently pursuing a Master's degree in Counselling Psychology. As the current Coordinator, Neighbourhood Relations and Off-Campus Living at the University of Guelph, Katie is accustomed to helping people through challenging situations. But even those in a helping role sometimes need a bit of help themselves. Listen to Katie share her story of living with anxiety, and how accepting her condition helped free herself from its restraints.

See the links above to listen on your preferred platform, or search for "The Shine Cast" on your podcast app. Our debut episode will be available on Thursday, January 28, 2021! 

Episode 1 Transcript

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About our Team - The SHINE Cast

Jordie Lescard headshot - host of The SHINE Cast 

Jordie Lescard (Host)

My name is Jordie Lescard and I am one of the hosts of The Shine Cast. I’m an undergraduate here at the University of Guelph and an aspiring Psychologist, Teacher, Writer and Mental Health Advocate. I have the great pleasure of speaking with Gryphons about mental health, how we cope, how we thrive, and how we can improve life.

Linnea Velikonja headshot - host of The SHINE Cast

Linnea Velikonja (Host)

My name is Linnea Velikonja (she/her) and I am the other host of The Shine Cast! I am a Graduate student the University of Guelph studying a Master’s in Family Relations and Human Development, and I’ve recently applied for therapy programs in the pursuit of becoming a sex therapist. Being a part of this podcast has been such a passion project and I’ve loved getting to talk with and learn from all our guests!

Tony Nguyen – Scheduling Coordinator - The SHINE Cast

Tony Nguyen (Scheduling Coordinator)

Hiya! My name is Tony Nguyen (he/him). I help in scheduling podcast guests onto The Shine Cast and conduct pre-interviews with each guest to help our hosts get to the core of their story. It is a true joy creating an inclusive environment where we can have an open conversation on mental health!  

Charlotte Cherkewski – Marketing Coordinator - The SHINE Cast

Charlotte Cherkewski (Marketing Coordinator)

My name is Charlotte and I’m a second year undergraduate student at the University of Guelph. I work on promotion and marketing for The Shine Cast, everything from episode descriptions to what you see on Instagram!

Shannon Brown - producer (The SHINE Cast)

Shannon Brown (Producer)

My name is Shannon and I'm a producer for The Shine Cast, working with our student and staff team to create this amazing content. I have a Master of Public Health from the University of Guelph, a longtime love of podcasts, and the pleasure of helping bring our guest's stories to you.

Rebecca Skelhorn - producer - The SHINE Cast

Rebecca Skelhorn (Producer)

I’m Rebecca, a Wellness Educator in the Wellness Education and Promotion Centre, as well as the other producer for The Shine Cast! I work with our Peer Helper team and our editor, Dawn Matheson, to bring all of the pieces together. As a U of G Alumni, it is an incredible opportunity to share these stories with our community.

Dawn Matheson - consulting producer - The SHINE Cast

Dawn Matheson (Consulting Producer)

The Shine Cast was created with the support of interdisciplinary artist Dawn Matheson, who took on the role of editor as well as helped guide our team in interview best practices. See more of her work at


The Shine Cast logo and header were designed by Emma Hak-Kovacs. See more of her work on Instagram @bitofadilemma. For inquiries about The Shine Cast, contact us at