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Student Wellness Education & Support Programs

Student Recovery Community (SRC)

The SRC is a peer-led community for students who are interested in making changes to their substance use behaviours. This space provides opportunities for students to share their experiences and challenges with substance use, addiction, and success in recovery.

Students who are interested in participating in the recovery community are encouraged to email to meet one on one with a peer facilitator – another student who has made changes to their substance use behaviours and to learn more about the group. All pathways of recovery are welcomed and supported and abstinence is not required for participation!

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“As far as what the SRC has given me... it’s allowed me to connect with like-minded people so I don’t feel as alone.” – SRC participant

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USHINE is an empowering peer-to-peer mentorship program that helps students  reach and sustain their wellness goals. You will be matched with a trained peer mentor who will work with you through the semester in one-on-one meetings to identify your wellness goals and assist you in making a personalized plan, with an overall goal to help you develop long-term habits to boost your well-being. Typically you will meet with your mentor 2-6 times, depending on your needs and goals! 

Students often make goals around nutrition, sleep, physical activity, making friends, changing substance use behaviours and so much more! 

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The Body Project

The Body Project is a workshop that aims to promote positive body image, reduce body shaming, and encourage folks to accept themselves as they are. This workshop is offered virtually over 2 weeks (2 x 2 hour sessions). Students can register for upcoming sessions via Gryphlife

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Graduate Student Support Circles

The Graduate Student Support Circles (GSSC) is a group of graduate student participants and graduate student facilitators, who come together weekly to provide social and emotional support for each other.

The GSSC provides a confidential safe space unique and specific to graduate students and facilitates open dialogue to build supportive relationships among participants. New circles start each semester.

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Thriving in Action

Thrive: Workshops for Mental Wellness and Academic Success integrates techniques for building motivation, optimism, and resilience with advanced learning strategies that hone time management, note-taking, and exam preparation skills. In each workshop, presented collaboratively by the Library and Student Wellness, students learn and practice both wellness and learning strategies.   

See the library's Events Calendar for information on upcoming Thriving in Action workshops. You can also request a Thrive workshop for your class or student group

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Gryphon's Empowered by Movement (GEM)

GEM is a program designed to help students with their mood through the power of physical activity. You’ll be paired with a Buddy, who will help incorporate different forms of physical activity, like walking, fitness classes and weights, in a way that fits into your daily life. Buddies will also be a source of encouragement and accountability throughout the program. You must be referred to the GEM program by a UofG Counsellor, Navigator, SAS Advisor, Student Support Network volunteer or USHINE mentor. 

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Wellness & Dragons  

Wellness & Dragons is a 6-week peer-to-peer program that develops students' skills & confidence as well as improving mental well-being, through playing Dungeons & Dragons. 

This program is intended for those who are new to, or who have limited experience with roleplaying games like D&D, those who are looking for a new creative outlet to support your mental well-being, and those who are looking to build social connections. Participates are taught everything you need to know and supplies are provided. 

Groups typically start mid-semester (October and February) and run through the remainder of the semester. Students can register for upcoming sessions via Gryphlife

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SHINE Mental Well-Being Groups

Facilitated by Student Wellness Services trained facilitators, SHINE is a 7-session, cohort-based (meaning with the same folks for all 7 sessions) interactive workshop that aims to help students learn resiliency building skills and boost overall well-being. 

Topics include: mindfulness, gratitude, optimism, self-compassion. effective stress management strategies, and more. 

Groups typically start a few weeks into the semester. Students can register for upcoming sessions via Gryphlife

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