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In addition to one-on-one treatment, the Health and Performance Centre offers a number of programs to support the varied needs of our clients.

Multi-disciplinary programs:

Successful Training Enhancement Program (STEP)

The STEP is a unique health experience where your wellness is evaluated through an integrated analysis of risk factors, fitness, nutrition, mental performance and overall health. Our program includes a multidisciplinary team of professionals: Registered Physiotherapists, Registered Dietitians and Performance Coaches that will help you achieve your individual health and performance goals.

Physiotherapy programs:

Groin Injury Prevention Program (GRIPP)

Designed specifically for the prevention of initial and recurrent groin injuries and has been shown to significantly reduce groin injuries. Learn more.

Knee Ligament Injury Prevention Program (KLIPP)

Adapted specifically toward the prevention of ACL injuries and has been shown to significantly reduce non-contact ACL injuries.

Shoulder Injury Prevention Program(SHIPP)

The Shoulder Injury Prevention Program (SHIPP) for throwers is specifically designed to reduce the risk of shoulder injuries by assisting you in the five key areas.

Physio Pilates: Mat classes and reformer appointments

Learn about our Physio Pilates Program at the Health and Performance Centre including upcoming classes. 

Trigger Dry Point Needling

It is used to relieve muscle tightness and spasms, normalize muscle length and function, and relieve referred pain from myofascial trigger points.

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