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Virtual Wellness Resources 

Your one stop shop for all virtual wellness resources and supports including info kits, webinars and helpful videos.

Information Kits

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On-Demand Webinars

Find below a series of on-demand webinars and modules as supports for managing grief, helping a friend and a sex toys 101. 

  • Module 1: Thoughts & Feelings about Grief - LINK

  • Module 2: Isolation, Social Supports & Grief - LINK

  • Module 3: Mindfulness & Grief - LINK

  • Module 4: Self Compassion & Grief - LINK

The purpose of this Helping a Friend Webinar is to help students who are already in a supportive role with a friend or family member to develop some more skills to help them in that relationship.

This webinar series builds respect for sexual diversity, conveys the importance of sexual communication in a relationship, and enhances students' appreciation of different sex toys. It includes myth-busting, tips to reduce risk when using sex toys, discussions about the different categories of sex toys, and how to use them.