Peer Helper Program

For full details and application instructions please visit the Peer Helper Program website.

As a Wellness Education and Promotion Centre Peer Helper, you will be...

  • Providing information about a range of health and wellness related topics, including but not limited to: mental health, sexual assault, healthy eating/active living, body image and eating disorders, drugs and alcohol, LGBTQ issues and human rights.
  • Creating and disseminating information and resources such as pamphlets, resource cards, information kits, condoms, lube.
  • Facilitating workshops for on-campus partners on the health and wellness topics listed above.
  • Developing and implementing awareness events and programming concerning health and wellness topics, that are effective and based in best-practices.
  • Assisting students who drop in looking for information or resources and refer when necessary; however, they will adopt a self-directed approach, assisting any of the teams if needed and integrate programming to incorporate a range of health topics.
  • Creating communication materials such as marketing campaigns, online articles, and audio (podcast) content.

Required Time Commitment

10 hours/week (~120 hours/semester)

This placement is part of the Peer Helper Program

By becoming a Peer Helper you will have the opportunity to be part of a dynamic team of students committed to providing valuable services and programs to the university community. Over 250 Peer Helpers from a broad range of academic programs and disciplines are involved across the campus each semester. They support students by planning events and activities, developing workshops, providing guidance and support, and connecting students to campus and community services. Please note that this is a volunteer commitment with a transcript notation and small honorarium provided.