Cervicogenic (Neck) Concussions

Jun 9th, 2022

 Cervicogenic (Neck) Subset

Understanding Cervicogenic Concussion: Symptoms and Treatment at Health & Performance Centre, Guelph

What is the Cervicogenic(Neck) Subset of a Concussion? 

Cervicogenic concussion, also known as the cervicogenic subset of concussion, is a type of traumatic brain injury where structures in the neck contribute to concussion symptoms. It is often caused by a direct or indirect hit to the neck or another part of the body that causes the brain to move inside the skull.

Symptoms of Cervicogenic Concussion

  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Neck pain
  • Blurred vision
  • Fatigue

Treating Cervicogenic Concussions at the HPC 

At Health & Performance Centre in Guelph, our team of physiotherapists are trained to diagnose and treat cervicogenic concussion. Our Physiotherapists will monitor symptoms and create a recovery plan tailored to the patient's needs to ensure a safe return to daily activities and will create a personalized treatment plan. 

Treatment for Cervicogenic Concussion

  • Manual therapy
  • Myofascial release
  • Neck strengthening exercises
  • Flexion and extension exercises

Manual therapy and myofascial release techniques can be used to ensure the joints and tissue in the neck are moving well. This can help to alleviate pain and increase blood flow to the affected area.

Isometric neck strengthening exercises can also be incorporated into the treatment plan. These exercises have been proven to decrease the incidence of injury and decrease the risk of future concussions. They should be performed in sets of 8-15 twice a week for 8 weeks minimum.

Flexion and extension exercises can also be used to help the neck recover. These exercises involve using resistance bands to strengthen the neck muscles.

As symptoms improve, patients can gradually return to work, school, and/or sports. It is important to slowly increase daily activity levels to prevent symptoms from worsening and to avoid taking medications that can mask symptoms.

At Health & Performance Centre in Guelph, our team of physiotherapists can provide advanced manual therapy skills and exercises to treat symptoms associated with the neck and vestibular system and restore strength in the affected areas of the body. Book an appointment today to learn more about our cervicogenic concussion treatment options.

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Concussions are classified as brain injuries and should not be taken lightly. As a specialized concussion clinic, our practitioners at the Health and Performance Centre use their expertise to effectively treat concussions and ensure that the brain and other impacted body parts recover properly. For more information on our unique approach to concussion management, give us a call.  

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