HPC Fees

Health and Performance Centre fees for various services are detailed below. Due to COVID-19 safety procedures, we will not be accepting cash or cheque payments at this time. All HPC clients are asked to pre-pay using debit or credit card upon arrival to the clinic.

Please note that we require 24-hours notice should you be unable to attend your scheduled appointment. Failure to do so may result in a charge equivalent to the cost of the missed appointment. If you are feeling unwell, please notify us as soon as possible and your missed appointment fee will be waived.

Sport Medicine

*A valid Ministry of Health card is required. Please be aware that you may require a referral to see a sport medicine physician if your family physician is part of a Guelph Family Health. Team/Network.


  • Assessment: $95
  • Treatment (20 mins): $60
  • Complex Treatment (40 mns): $95
  • Physio Pilates Class (per class): $30
  • Physio Pilates Reformer Appointment: $90
  • Concussion Physiotherapy Assessment 40 Minutes $115
  • Concussion Physiotherapy Assessment 60 Minutes $135

Chiropractic, Acupuncture, MRT and Graston

Massage Therapy

  • 1 hour: $90
  • 30 minutes: $60

Pedorthics and Orthotics

  • Range in price from approximately $400 - $450
  • Gait Assessment $50


  • Initial Visit: $125
  • Follow-up: $95
  • Bronze Package - $295 (Includes Assessment and Two Follow Ups)
  • Silver Package - $455 (Includes Assessment and Four Follow Ups)
  • Gold Package - $860 (Includes Assessment and Eight Follow Ups)
  • Biodex Strength Testing and Training
  • Per Visit: $90

Concussion Management

  • Concussion Baseline Testing $75
  • Concussion Physiotherapy Assessment 40 Minutes $115
  • Concussion Physiotherapy Treatment 20 Minutes $55
  • Concussion Physiotherapy Treatment 40 Minutes $90

Many extended health insurance plans cover or partially cover the costs associated with physiotherapy, massage therapy, chiropractic, naturopathic services, orthotics and splints. A number of plans may also cover the costs for nutrition services.

It is the client’s responsibility to know the coverage available through their extended health plan.

If you are a University of Guelph student, you can access your benefit details from My Student Plan.