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Student Recovery Community

The Student Recovery Community is an online space for folks who are interested in making changes to their substance use behaviours. This peer-led space provides opportunities for students to share their experiences and challenges with substance use and success in recovery.

Students who are interested in participating in the recovery community are encouraged to email to meet 1:1 with a peer facilitator – another student who has made changes to their substance use behaviours and to learn more about the group.



“As far as what the SRC has given me.... it’s given me an opportunity to connect with like-minded people so I don’t feel as alone.” – SRC participant


A facilitated 7-week interactive, skills-based workshop to boost overall well-being. Topics include mindfulness, gratitude, optimism, self-compassion, and effective stress management strategies. SHINE is offered in several concurrent groups including specific groups for BIPOC students, graduate students, and first year students living in residence. Students can register for upcoming sessions via Gryphlife.



“I found it really beneficial to expose myself to uncomfortable situations because I was able to grow as a person and gain confidence in my ability to reach out to others! Joining online communities this year has not only been a fun experience, but it has also helped me build a larger support system. Moreover, it introduced me to a new network of friends as it encouraged me to foster new relationships." – SHINE participant


USHINE is a peer mentoring program that empowers students to develop lifelong successful habits to boost well-being. Students can meet one-to-one with a USHINE Peer Mentor to identify wellness goals and create a personalized wellness plan to meet these goals. Topics include sleep, nutrition, exercise, and much more.


Body Project

The Body Project is a workshop that aims to promote positive body image, reduce body shaming, and encourage folks to accept themselves as they are. Students can register for upcoming sessions via Gryphlife.


Graduate Student Support Circles

The Graduate Student Support Circles (GSSC) is a group of graduate student participants and graduate student facilitators, who come together weekly to provide social and emotional support for each other.

The GSSC provides a confidential safe space unique and specific to graduate students and facilitates open dialogue to build supportive relationships among participants. New circles start each semester.


Thriving in Action

Want to do better and be better as a student? The Thriving in Action workshop series will help you move from languishing to flourishing throughout your time in university.  

  • Learn new strategies in managing your time and studying effectively. 
  • Build skills in motivation, optimism, and resilience.  

In each workshop, you will learn both wellness and learning strategies that will help you be the student you want to be. Join us for one or all four workshops and learn how to thrive. This program is offered by the Library and Student Wellness in both the Fall and Winter semesters.  

For more information and to register, please visit Gryph Life (Upcoming Events - GryphLife ( OR LibCal (Library Workshops & Events - U of G Library - University of Guelph Library ( or e-mail

Compassion during Covid

Compassion during covid is a FREE 5-week program for all students, made up of 1.5 hours long workshops. It will be offered online in the Fall semester, and both online and in-person in the Winter semester. In the workshops, students will learn skills to cope during the pandemic and in their transition back to campus. Each workshop will include an introduction to a set of skills, time to practice the skills individually, and resources for students to keep. Some of the skills that will be covered in Compassion during Covid include: grounding practices, mindfulness, self-compassion, vulnerability, reducing anxiety, and coping, among many others. Attend one session or attend them all! For more information and to register, please visit GryphLife (I don't have an active search yet because I haven't made the new series for the Winter yet!). If you have questions please contact