Parking | Health and Performance Centre


We have an accessible lift. If you require assistance with the operation of the lift, please see our accessible lift instructions or contact reception at 519-767-5011 ext. 1.

Free Client Parking

The Health and Performance Centre has eight parking spaces dedicated to the patients that are attending appointments each day. These parking spots can be found in the NorthEast section of Parking lot P12. See picture below.

All patients that attend an appointment will have parking privileges for 20 minutes prior, and 20 minutes following their scheduled appointment. Patient license plates must be provided to reception staff a minimum of 24 hours prior to the appointment for the parking exemption to take effect. Please speak with our office administration for more information (519-767-5011 ext. 1).

Look for these parking signs ⬇️

Paid Parking

PayByPhone parking is available in front of the John T. Powell Building in parking lot P12 and across East Ring Road in parking lot P15.

To locate these parking lots or other parking locations, please reference the interactive campus parking map on the Parking Services website.