Fees for Third Party Uninsured Services

The following list of services and corresponding fees are not covered by most insurance policies (including OHIP and UHIP):

Service Fee
Form of any type $10/page
Doctor's letter or note $10/page
Letter for Academic Consideration $25
Athletic CPX (Complete Physical exam) for U of G Varsity Team $65
Third Party Requested CPX and Form (e.g. Drivers/School/Employment) $85
Third Party CPX - no form $65
Third Party - Minor Assessment $25
Third Party - Intermediate Assessment $35
Cost of Replacement Requisition for chiro/physio/massage $10
Cosmetic Warts - per-treatment $20
TB skin test - per step $25
Mole - cosmetic removal $50
Missed Appointment Fees - Policy  
Charge will vary depending on the time scheduled for the missed 
appointment as follows.
10 minute appointment $20
15 minute appointment $30

For any other appointment length, the charge will be determined
based on $10.00 for each additional 5 minutes.

Psychiatrist appointment $195
New: Vaccinations (not covered by OHIP)  
GARDASIL 9 - HPV vaccine (effective April 1, 2023) $190
Rabies - vaccine ID $80
Rabies - vaccine IM $200
IUD Mona Lisa  $75