Physician & Staff Directory, University of Guelph

Mental Health Care Coordinator:

  • Lindsay Smart


  • Lindzie O'Reilly, Registered Dietitian and Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor, Student Wellness Services → Learn more
    Provides support for University of Guelph students. 
  • Rachel Hannah, Registered Dietitian, Health and Performance Centre → Learn more
    Specializes in nutrition for general health and peak sport performance.

Director of Student Wellness:

  • Alison Burnett

Manager of Health Services:

  • Heidelein Friesen

Nursing Staff:

  • Katie Burns
  • Danielle Castledine
  • Tammy Cook
  • Olivien Hackett
  • Lori Heitshu
  • Gillian Miller
  • Casey Pope-Lyster
  • Kelly Raymond
  • Katherine Rodriguez
  • Sherri Shantz
  • Pamela Starratt
  • Jessie Price
  • Maryanne Liebing


  • Dr. Julie Mersereau
  • Dr. Josephine De La Torre
  • Dr. Ruth Dippel
  • Dr. Amy McPhedran
  • Dr. Shane Neilson
  • Dr. Heather Noble
  • Dr. Nicole Petrov
  • Dr. Momtaz Talukdar
  • Dr. Melissa Welsh
  • Dr. Janice Young
  • Dr. Yeshale Chetty


  • Dr. Briar Long
  • Dr. Catharine Munn

Student Wellness Mental Health Navigators:

Navigators will clarify what you need and provide options for support, and also help you connect with the appropriate counselling resources. If this is your first time seeking mental health support, you will be booked for a 20-30 minute appointment with a Student Wellness Navigator within 24-48 hours of your call.  You may call ahead to book an appointment with a Navigator and same-day appointments are usually available.  More information.

Contact: 519-820-4120 x52131

  • Sarah Birk
  • Bethany Parkinson

Administrative Staff:

  • Amanda Buda
  • Angela Chisholm
  • Amanda Glascott
  • Kaylee Harrington
  • Sophia Medizabal
  • Monika Noble
  • Michelle Soucie
  • Agnieszka Tonga