Note Taking

Note Taking Portal


If you have difficulty taking notes during class, your SAS advisor can give you access to the SAS Note Taking Portal. From the Portal, you will be able to access notes taken by student volunteers in your class.

Steps in the Process

  1. Speak with your SAS advisor about any barriers you experience when taking notes during class.

  2. The Note Taking Office will forward a request for student volunteers to submit their notes to the Note Taking Portal.

  3. If you have been approved for this accommodation you can use the Note Taking Portal to request notes for your courses and to retrieve notes as they are uploaded by volunteers.

​Additional Considerations

  • Access to notes does not replace attendance in class. Assistance by a volunteer note taker is intended to support the learning process. Going to class and experiencing lectures firsthand is also an important part of that process.

  • Note taking does not replace class participation, which may be required in some courses.

  • Notes accessed through the Note Taking Portal are for personal use only. Any unauthorized use of notes may constitute academic misconduct.

SAS Portal Volunteer Note Takers

Students who wish to volunteer can indicate the courses in which they are able to take notes. Volunteers can either upload notes directly to the portal or send them to us electronically.