Learning Disabilities: Experience to Understanding (PSYC*1300)

PSYC*1300 is a credit course that may count towards your degree. It is designed for students diagnosed with a specific learning disability and is offered jointly through the Department of Psychology and Student Accessibility Services (SAS).

This unique course provides students with an understanding and acceptance of their learning needs. It helps students become more self-directed, active, and successful learners.

Lectures will introduce students to central issues in the area of specific learning disabilities (LD). Seminars provide an opportunity for discussion, question asking, and group sharing.  A variety of modules help students apply and practice strategies to understand their specific learning needs. Please note that space in the course is limited.

Criteria for Eligibility

PSYC*1300 will benefit any student entering semester one who has been identified as having a specific learning disability.  A limited number of spots are also open for returning students.

Your application to PSYC*1300 must be supported by a current psycho-educational assessment report containing the formal diagnosis of a specific learning disability.

If you are updating your assessment report over the summer in preparation for university, you can still apply for PSYC*1300. You may be accepted on the condition that your new assessment report is on file at SAS by August 15.


Will it count toward my degree?

Prior to applying for the course, we strongly recommend that you consult with your program counsellor to determine whether this course can be used as an elective in your degree program.


Talk to your SAS advisor for more information about how to sign up for this course. Space is limited, so please apply early.