Guide to Mental Health Supports for Students F21/W22

Aug 25th, 2021

Mental Health and Wellness Resources for UofG Students

We recognize that as students it’s difficult to know the resources available. This document is designed to provide you with a listing of wellbeing and mental health resources offered through Student Wellness Services.  We hope you find it helpful. 


Helping You, Help Students: Education Resources for Staff and Faculty

We’ve learned a lot of lessons this past year, and no doubt we will encounter new and unexpected challenges that will continue to push us to grow in the future. Together, we are committed to learning, engaging and improving at every step. 

The Mental Health and Wellness Resource and Supports below are designed to provide practical resources to assist our faculty and staff with supporting student well-being and mental health, it provides contact information for resources related to students' academics, health, and well-being.