Health and Wellness Programs

Two women skating on an indoor rink

Support to help you incorporate healthy fitness, sleep, eating, and self-care habits into your everyday routine. To learn more and to register for programs offered by the Wellness Education and Promotion Centre, check out the Wellness Education Centre Gryphlife page.

Guelph Gryphon Athletics and Recreation: Physical activity is a great way to get a mental break. The Guelph Gryphons Athletics Centre offers a variety of options to include physical activity in whatever way fits your life. Join them on Instagram @gryphons_fitness for classes you can do from home.
Mood Routes: Join the Wellness Education and Promotion Centre on a weekly 50-minute walk at your own comfort level! This group meets weekly at the J.T. Powell building and then sets off for the Aboretum. Take a step back from your responsibilities and stresses with a group walk. Check GryphLife to see when the next walk is happening!
Gryphons Empowered by Movement (GEM): GEM is a program designed to help students with their mood through the power of physical activity. You’ll be paired with a Buddy, who will help incorporate different forms of physical activity, like walking, fitness classes and weights, in a way that fits into your daily life. Buddies will also be a source of encouragement and accountability throughout the program. You must be referred to the GEM program by a UofG counsellor. Email for more information.
Better Sleep Program: The Stress Management and High Performance Clinic offers a skills based better sleep program to decrease insomnia and promote more restful sleep. An online version of this program is also available.
Campus Dietitian: Lindzie O'Reilly, the University's on-campus Dietitian, offers cooking classes, answers to common nutrition questions, recipes, and resources to help students get reliable information about food and nutrition. Check out all of the campus dietitian services or email Lindzie O'Reilly at
Student Nutrition Awareness Program (SNAP): SNAP provides nutrition education, support, and resources to help students develop healthy eating habits and adjust to campus life. Find them on social media for healthy eating at home tips.
The Body Project: The Body Project is a workshop that aims to promote positive body image, reduce body shaming, and encourage folks to accept themselves as they are. Students can register for upcoming sessions via Gryphlife. Email for more information
Taking Care of Your Body: Check out our taking care of your body page for more self-care and resiliency tips.
Thriving in Action: Thriving in Action will help you move from languishing to flourishing throughout your time in university. Build motivation, optimism, and resilience, and learn how to integrate those skills into your work as a student. In each workshop, you will learn and practice both wellness and learning strategies that will help you be the student you want to be. Students can register for upcoming sessions via Gryphlife.
USHINE: USHINE is a peer mentoring program that empowers students to develop lifelong successful habits to boost well-being. Students can meet one-to-one with a USHINE Peer Mentor to identify wellness goals and create a personalized wellness plan to meet these goals. Topics include sleep, nutrition, exercise, and much more! Email to find out more information or to sign up for the program.
Find Your Shine: Starting university can be exciting, overwhelming, fun, and stressful. Check out our tips and information designed to help you during your transition as you develop new routines and face new challenges. These activities, tools, and tips may be helpful as you plan and prepare for this new chapter. There are many resources available on campus to help you stay well and take care of yourself.
Building Successful Habits: Check out our building successful habits page to learn tips and tricks for starting habits that stick or kicking habits you want to break.