How to Make a Referral

Information for instructors

If a student asks for accommodations because of a disability, it is appropriate to ask if they are registered with SAS. If they are not registered or not aware of our services, you can suggest that it is the role of SAS to help determine the most appropriate accommodations to meet their needs. We can also help to anticipate future needs, and reduce the pressure to disclose personal information over and over again. Ultimately, our goal is to support student success.

If there is uncertainty about whether or not our services are a good fit for a student’s needs, we are happy to offer a consultation. Please use our contact information to get in touch.

Information for students

As a student, you ask for a consultation without a referral.

You’ll need to


If there is a suspected learning disability or attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, we have a screening package available at our front desk. You’ll fill out a short form, and then we’ll give you a longer package to complete on your own time. When you return the completed package, we’ll set up a time to review the results and discuss whether a full assessment is warranted.

We are happy to work with students on an interim basis while they are getting documentation sorted out.

We are also  happy to support students with temporary disabilities such as broken bones, concussions, major medical conditions, and mental health difficulties.