Halloween Safety, Substance Use Tips & Consent Reminders

Oct 18th, 2022

Halloween Safety, substance use & consent tips

Planning on celebrating Halloween this year? Check out the resources and tips below to ensure you have a safe and fun experience. 

Don't forget! Check out our booth in the UC on Friday, Oct. 28th, from 10am-2pm to pick up some limited edition *Halloween consent stickers and tattoos, snacks and speak to our Wellness team about any questions you have! *While supplies last. 

General Tips and Reminders To Have A Better Experience:

Before you leave the house:

  • Plan a safe route home: Check out the Late Night Bus Service & Daily Bus Service Routes, write the number to a local cab company on your hand and keep your phone charged so you can call a cab or order an Uber, and/or look up directions.
  • Eat something filling to start the day: This is especially important before you begin drinking. Check out Hospitality Services menu and hours to score your breakfast on campus! 
  • Pack snacks and water in your bag
  • Only consume what you bought or brought. View Substance Use Tips
  • Download the SafeGryphon app: The app features several services, including:
    • Click to Call - connects to emergency services
    • Friend Walk - share your location realtime with a friend
    • Call SafeWalk - a free service that provides a safe and reliable escort after dark for any person on the University of Guelph campus
    • Personal Alarm and FlashlightDraw attention to yourself in an emergency situation by sounding a loud alarm. The flashlight feature is also important in the event of an emergency or for personal safety.
  • Don't forget to charge your phone or pack a charger in your bag! 

While you’re out:

  • Have water or other non-alcoholic drinks in between consuming alcohol. Bring an empty water bottle with you to keep filling up! 
  • Stick with your friends and look out for each other: Share your locations using Google Maps or SnapMaps to keep track of one another if you separate. 
  • Don’t share drinks, joints or equipment: Only consume what you bought or brought. 
  • Try and stick to using one substance at a time

Party Tips & Alternatives:

It's okay if the party scene isn't for you. You might not be in the mood to drink, use other substances, or be in large crowds. Maybe partying isn't your thing, you don't like the spooky season, or you're anxious being around so many people again. Maybe you're choosing not to use substances or your bank account can't handle another night out. Whatever your reasoning, it's okay to make another choice. 

Fun Alternatives to Going Out:

  • Opt for a smaller gathering; being back in-person means more opportunities to make new friends and there are tons of great spooky-themed home-gathering ideas online!  
  • Missing family or friends back home? Visit someone you haven't seen lately!
  • Check out a board game cafe downtown or get your friends together at home.
  • Pick up an Ouiji board or Tarot cards and host a spooky night with some friends. 
  • Get dressed up stay in or go out for a walk and show off your costume.
  • Have a scary-movie marathon.
  • Find an event to attend on GryphLife
  • Make some Gryphon-themed mocktails (see recipe on our Instagram)

Safer Substance Use Tips:

If you choose to drink or use substances there are things you can do to have a safer time.
Please be aware that alcohol can only be consumed in licensed areas on campus. We are a smoke-free campus, this includes cannabis. 

For all substances, make a plan!

  • Where are you going and how are you going to get there AND home?
  • If you're not going home, where are you sleeping?
  • What substances are you using? Remember, it’s best not to mix!
  • How much are you using?
  • At what time do you want to stop?

Drinking alcohol? Tips for a better tonight & tomorrow:

  • Eat something before you start drinking
  • Plan a safe route home: Check out the Late Night Bus Service & Daily Bus Service Routes, write the number to a local cab company on your hand and keep your phone charged so you can call a cab or order an Uber, and/or look up directions.
  • Download the SafeGryphon app and charge your phone

While you're out:

  • Drink water or something non-alcoholic between alcoholic drinks
  • Stick to the drinks that you have bought or brought
  • Drink slowly – Have no more than 2 drinks in any 3 hours
  • Stick with your group and look out for each other
  • It’s also okay to not be into drinking or using other substances

If you’re planning on drinking a lot:

  • Drink with a friend in a safe place
  • Stick to one substance at a time

Safer cannabis use tips:

  • Don’t hold your breath!
  • If you’re smoking, use joints over water bongs
  • Look for higher CBD to THC ratios
  • Take it slow! See how a little bit affects you before using more

Consent Reminders:

Understanding consent and respecting each other’s boundaries is essential at all times. Consent requires communication & checking in to ensure that everyone is comfortable & safe.

Consent is always I'M SAFE:

  • INFORMED: There needs to be a clear and honest understanding of what someone is consenting to.
  • MOMENT-TO-MOMENT: Consent is an ongoing process. People can change their minds, want to stop and withdraw consent anytime.
  • SPECIFIC: To a certain act and at any given time. Just because someone gave consent before, doesn't mean they consent now.
  • AWAKE AND AWARE: Consent cannot be given if someone is unconscious, asleep, excessively intoxicated, or incapacitated.
  • FREELY GIVEN: Consent cannot be given if you have power or control over another person or if you turn someone’s “no” into a “yes” through guilt, manipulation or pressure.
  • ENTHUSIASTIC: This means it’s clear, active, engaged, ongoing and unmistakable.

Need support? We're here for you!

If you or someone you know has been impacted by sexual or gender-based violence, you can connect with our Sexual and Gender-Based Violence Coordinator at 519-824-4120 X53020 or email svinfo@uoguelph.ca
*seeking support and/or disclosing does not require you to report. You get to choose whatever support options are best for you!
Sexual and Gender-Based Violence Support Coordinator at the University of Guelphsvinfo@uoguelph.ca / 519-824- 4120 x53020 / M-F 8:30am-4:30pm
Guelph-Wellington Women In Crisis1-800-265-7233 (24-hour crisis line for all genders)
Guelph General Hospital Sexual Assault & Domestic Violence Care Centre8:30am to 4:30pm 519-837-6440 x2728 / After business hours: x 2210