What Makes the Health & Performance Centre Different?

Health & Performance for Everyone

Helping you achieve your desired level of health and performance.

We are committed to treating each person with respect and compassion.

As recorded in our mission statement: We are committed to being non-judgemental, empathetic and respectful to each individual. We hope to serve as a trusted source of reliable information and ongoing support to each client as they follow along their journey to better health and performance.

Personalized Approach

Unlike franchise organizations who tend to hire subordinates to deliver pre-fabricated programs, our professional Dietitians assess the unique needs of each client. We help each client develop a personalized plan with realistic goals to help find balance and achieve success.

Team Approach

Each practitioner is works within the multidisciplinary Health and Performance Centre Team.  We can connect you with other services to meet a wide range of health needs. For example, HPC Dietitians work very closely with HPC Kinesiologists to provide the ultimate programming for those wishing to create a customized exercise plan to compliment their change in diet.