Wellington Ortho & Rehab

Phone: 519-837-2020

86 Dawson Road, Unit 3
Guelph, ON

Whether you are in need of physiotherapy, sports medicine, orthopaedic products, an evidence based chiropractor or other health services in the Guelph area, Wellington Ortho & Rehab Associates is here to help you.  Our model is integrated care in Guelph’s most innovative new health clinic.  Our multi-disciplinary team of physical therapists and practitioners specialize in physio, sports medicine and orthopaedic medicine and they are trained to provide complete care of the entire skeletal system.  At Wellington Ortho & Rehab Associates we believe that comprehensive care of the musculo-skeletal system is essential to a positive sense of health and well being.  Our goal is to treat you with the highest standard of care available.  Guelph’s premier choice for physiotherapy, sport medicine, orthopaedic rehab and more!

The above excerpt was obtained from the Wellington Ortho & Rehab website.