Student Wellness Services Recognition Awards 2023-24

Apr 10th, 2024

Student Wellness Recognition Awards 2023-24

Student Wellness Services at the University of Guelph proudly announces the staff, volunteer, and student award recipients of the Student Wellness Services Recognition Awards for the 2023-24 academic year. A total of nine award winners from the year were honoured, including the distinguished Robin Begin and Forrest Caldwell staff awards.

Awards Summary

  • Max Mancuso, Marlene Pfaff Wellness Education and Promotion Award
  • Kaitlin Elliott, Liz Honegger Student Support Network Award
  • Chelsea Vance, Barry Wheeler Volunteer Award
  • David Knight, Bruno Mancini Accessibility Award
  • Katherine Yu, HPC Cyndy McLean Award
  • Katrin Turetskiy, HPC Outstanding Physiotherapy Volunteer
  • Mya Ritchie, HPC Outstanding Chiropractic Volunteer
  • Tony Pfaff, Forrest Caldwell Memorial Staff Award
  • Shannon Brown, Robin Begin Student Leadership Award

Wellness Education & Promotion Awards

Marlene Pfaff Wellness Education & Promotion Award: Max Mancuso

This award recognizes a Peer Wellness Educator who demonstrates initiative and compassion through their commitment to social justice, inclusivity, collaboration, and the well-being of all students.

Liz Honegger Student Support Network Award: Kaitlin Elliott

This award is aimed at honouring a student who has given above and beyond the requirements of a Student Support Network volunteer, and has exceeded in the areas of commitment, balance, attitude, care for others, and peer counselling skills.

Student Accessibility Services Awards

Barry Wheeler Volunteer Award: Chelsea Vance

This award is presented annually to a student who has offered their time and expertise toward assisting students registered with Student Accessibility Services. The recipient of this award demonstrates a strong commitment to caring for others, providing consistent support and enhancing accessibility on campus.

Bruno Mancini Accessibility Award: David Knight

This award is named in honour of Bruno Mancini who served as founding Director of Student Accessibility Services from 1990 to 2015. Throughout his career, Bruno served as a tireless advocate for persons with disabilities and played a key role in raising awareness, removing barriers and creating an inclusive environment. In honour of Bruno's legacy as a champion for accessibility, this award honours an individual or group, including students, staff and faculty, who have contributed significantly to promoting and advancing accessibility at the University of Guelph.

Health & Performance Centre Awards

Cyndy McLean Award: Katherine Yu

The Cyndy McLean Award recognizes a volunteer who demonstrates compassion, altruism, dedication, enthusiasm and leadership.

Outstanding Physiotherapy Volunteer: Katrin Turetskiy

This award recognizes an HPC physiotherapy volunteer who has gone above and beyond in their role.

Outstanding Chiropractic Volunteer: Mya Ritchie

This award recognizes an HPC chiropractic volunteer who has gone above and beyond in their role.

Student Wellness Services Staff Awards

Forrest Caldwell Memorial Award: Tony Pfaff

Forrest Caldwell was a cherished physician who dedicated 20 years to serving the University of Guelph community. As a member of the SWS team, Forrest was a champion for collaboration within the department. Forrest endeavored to be available and approachable to both students and staff, and was known for managing many demands with a whistle and a tune. This award recognizes an individual within Student Wellness Services who has contributed significantly to fostering a positive and collaborative atmosphere within the department.

Robin Begin Student-Focused Leadership Award: Shannon Brown

This award is named in honour of Robin Begin, who served as a tireless advocate for students, helping them to find a voice in the face of difficult circumstances. In honour of Robin's legacy as a champion for students who are navigating large and complex systems, and her commitment to connecting on a human level, this award honours a member of the Student Wellness Services team who takes initiative to have a positive impact on the wellbeing of students at the University.

External Awards

Logan Coccimiglio is a volunteer with the Wellness Education & Promotion Centre, and this year she received the Stephanie Wilken Volunteer Scholarship, which is awarded on the basis of academic performance and volunteer work at the Wellness Centre.

Angelica DiGiacinto is the Senior Peer for WEPC’s Healthy Eating, Active Living Team, and this year she received the Andre Auger Citizenship Award through Student Experience. This award is presented to a student who demonstrates a sense of personal responsibility and commitment towards community.

Melissa Conte is a Sexual & Gender-Based Violence Support Coordinator, and this year she was named as one of the recipients of Courage to Act’s Support and Response Worker of the Year award.


Congratulations to all of our award winners – and thank you to all of our amazing Student Wellness staff, students & volunteers for a wonderful year!