Sexual Violence Training for Student Leaders/Mentors

Level 1: Sexual Violence Student Modules

General awareness, information, and resources for students around sexual violence.  Modules are available to students online and are designed to help increase students’ sexual violence literacy, definition of consent, and provide avenues on referring peer survivors.

Recommended for: All students at the University of Guelph.
Student Registration: Complete online module(s) independently.
To access, visit: Sexual Violence Student Modules.
Cost: None

Level 2: Understand and Respond: Supportive Intervention for Resource Agents

This level of training is available to members of the University community who are likely to have someone disclose an incident of sexual violence to them, or may come into contact with problematic behaviour.  This training builds on Tier 1 and provides a more in depth understanding of sexual violence, rape culture; engaging with survivors; and bystander interventions.

Recommended for: Members of the Judicial Committee, Residence Life Staff, Safe Walk Volunteers, SHAC Volunteers, Student Wellness Services, Student Life Staff.
Student, Staff, and Faculty Registration: Contact Us
Cost: None
Length: 1.5 hours
Completion of Tier 1 is recommended.