Sexual Violence Training for Staff and Faculty


Level 1: Know and Refer

General awareness, information, and resources for staff and faculty around sexual violence.  This level of training is available to all staff employed by the University to increase ones sexual violence literacy, inform you of the University’s Sexual Violence Policy and Procedure, and provide you with answer to refer survivors.

Recommended for: All staff and faculty at the University of Guelph.
Staff/Faculty Registration: Complete online module through CourseLink
Cost: None
Length: Less than 30 minutes


Level 2: Understand and Respond: Supportive Intervention for Resource Agents

This level of training is available to members of the University community who are likely to have someone disclose an incident of sexual violence to them, or may come into contact with problematic behaviour.  This training builds on Tier 1 and provides a more in depth understanding of sexual violence, rape culture; engaging with survivors; and bystander interventions.

Recommended for: Faculty Advisors, Human Resources Staff, Judicial Committee, Occupational Health & Wellness, Program Counsellors, Residence Life Staff, Safe Walk Volunteers, SHAC Volunteers, Student Wellness Services, Student Life Staff, Supervisors, Varsity Coaches.
Student, Staff, and Faculty RegistrationContact Us
Cost: None
Length: 1.5 hours
Completion of Tier 1 is recommended. 

2017 Trier 2 Training:

Date Time Location Registration
Wednesday, December 13,2017 1:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. UC, L4, Room 424 email


Level 3: Support and Intervene: Sexual Violence Response Team Training 

The final level of training for sexual violence on campus is available to individuals who may be providing ongoing support to survivors or directly involved in the University’s Sexual Violence Procedure or process.  This training is designed to build on Tier 2 training and will provide more in depth skill development in supporting survivors, sexual violence trauma, applicable policies and procedures, and long term support strategies. This training is focused on skill development in identifying, critically analyzing, and intervening in activities and language that may perpetuate sexual violence and rape culture.

Restricted Audience: Residence Life Managers, Campus Community Police, Diversity & Human Rights, Student Wellness Services.
Staff/Faculty RegistrationContact Us
Cost: None
Length: Varies
Completion of Tiers 1 and 2 are recommended.