Healthy Living

Eating for Energy

Promoting nutrition for a healthy lifestyle, this interactive workshop discusses Canada's Food Guide, serving sizes, the four food groups, and ideas to improve dietary habits. Issues relating to eating and stress are also addressed. The Eating for Energy workshop is designed to help students determine if they are meeting the recommendations of Eating Well With Canada's Food Guide. Students will be educated as to what a serving size is and how to apply this knowledge directly to a typical day. Maximum Participants: 30

Health At Every Size (HAES)

What does body image mean to you? To others? Challenge the definitions of beauty that exist in the media, in your community, and within your group of friends. Learn the difference between healthy eating and fad diets. Learn how to support a loved one living with an eating disorder in this interactive workshop that challenges you to acceptance without limits. Maximum Participants: 30

Let's Talk

This workshop provides useful tips to help communicate mental health concerns with or to others. Students will discuss and address concerns about a roommate or friend struggling with mental health challenges, or personal mental health challenges. This workshop also addresses the importance of personal care when dealing with someone else's concerns to ensure a positive well-being. We will also discuss mental health resources available to students. Maximum Participants: 30

Self-Esteem Workshop

This workshop aims to help students develop healthy self-esteem by boosting their confidence and helping them explore and identify what makes them feel good about themselves through interactive exercises in a safe and accepting environment. Maximum Participants: 30

Stress Management

University life can be both exhilarating and overwhelming at the same time. Stress associated with school, friends, romance, housemates, or finances can motivate you to work harder or it can send you in a downward spiral. What's a person to do? This workshop is designed to help students learn skills to prevent or manage stress. With all the school work, house work, "work work", and melodrama, coping with stress will be one less thing to worry about. Maximum Participants: 30


Using interactive demonstrations, this workshop allows for spirituality to be examined. It also provides a means of fostering spirituality in participant's every day lives. Maximum Participants: 30