Sexual Violence Student Modules


Hello Gryphons! 

You will learn many things throughout your time at U of G, but one issue that we encourage you to learn more about is Sexual Violence.  As part of our campus initiatives to change our culture around sexual violence we have created three short modules (yes we said short! less than 5 mins each) to help you learn more.  Click on the links below to access all three modules. 

Module 1:  RECOGNIZE

What is sexual violence? 

Module 2:  RESPECT  

What does consent mean?


How to support a survivor and available resources.

Key takeaways from these modules are:

  1. Sexual violence occurs on a continuum, and the most common forms of sexual violence are the least recongized in our culture.  We are challenging all Gryphons to RECOGNIZE and speak out against sexual violence in all forms. 
  2. Consent must be freely and enthusiastically given, be active, and continuous.  Consent is not optional Gryphons, it is showing RESPECT
  3. The absolute best way you can support a survivor is to BELIEVE and LISTEN to them without judgement.  Always respect their decisions on how they want to proceed.  If you or a survivor needs support, the University has a number of resources available. 

For more information and resources, visit the Sexual Violence Support & Information Website.

To receive these modules in an alternative format, please contact