ELP Students

Information for English Language Program Students

Please check your insurance policy to see what is covered, visit the Guard Me website for University of Guelph students, or call them from one of the phone numbers on Guard Me's contact list (by country/region).

When you go to Health Services, present your GuardMe Canada insurance card to the receptionist and the receptionist will verify your status as a currently-registered ELP student.

If the service you need is covered by the insurance policy, GuardMe Canada Services will send the bill to the insurance company. If the medical service you need is not covered by the insurance policy, you will need to pay for the service.

No, while urgent health care is provided on campus to all ELP students with medical insurance, family members and children of ELP students are not allowed to use Health Services unless they are also registered ELP students. Family members may visit an off-campus walk-in clinic.

To use your GuardMe at an off-campus clinic, you must pay for the cost of the health care at the time of your visit. Next, you submit your receipt to GuardMe Canada who will reimburse you for eligible expenses.

When you go to a hospital, you might not need to pay for the cost of the service. If the services is covered, the hospital will send the bill to GuardMe Canada Health Insurance.

If the expense is covered, it is recommended to make a claim online at GuardMe's website, however, you may also make a claim via mail:

  1. Complete the claim form you received in your insurance card package.
  2. Attach the original receipt(s).
  3. Mail it to the insurance company.
  4. If the expense is eligible for reimbursement, you will receive a cheque from GuardMe Canada Health Insurance by mail.
  5. Deposit the cheque into your bank account.