Prospective Students

In addition to the information below, you may also be interested in reviewing our transition planner.

Applying Directly from High School

Most students applying directly out of high school will follow standard University of Guelph processes. However, if you fall into both of these categories:

  • you believe you may be close to the admission cut-off mark
  • you feel your their disability has negatively affected their grades

you’ll want to consider filling out the Supplemental Information Form for Students with Disabilities (SIF-D). This form gives you a chance to explain your situation and why your grades aren’t as strong as your ability allows.

Link to the Supplemental Information Form for Students with Disabilities (SIF-D).  

The deadline for submitting the SIF-D is May 1. SAS will retain the SIF-D and use the information collaboratively with Admission Services if needed.

Note: if you receive an offer of admission, you will still need to register with SAS as soon as possible and this is a separate process.

Mature and Transfer Students

If you are

  • applying to the University as a transfer student or as a mature student
  • and you experience a disability that you feel has affected your qualifications,

please contact Admission Services about providing supplementary information. In order to increase your chance of being accepted, you may want to write a letter with additional information about your academic history and your disability.

If you have more disability-related questions or concerns, Student Accessibility Services would be pleased to discuss them with you.

Graduate Students

If you are applying to graduate school, and you think that your undergraduate grades do not reflect your potential as the result of a disability, please contact us to discuss your situation.

Note that if you have been receiving academic accommodations relating to your disability, usually this should be sufficient to meet the established academic standards. However, we understand that there may have been extenuating circumstances and welcome the opportunity to discuss them with you.