Orientation & Transition Programs

SAS provides orientation programs to help students transition to life as a university student with a disability. These programs are for students who are new to the University of Guelph and who have a disability.

You should plan to participate in at least one of the following programs to make sure you’re ready for the year ahead.


Introduction to SAS

This program is a session during START OnCampus.

Who it’s for:

  • students who are new to the University of Guelph
  • and who have a disability 
  • parents are welcome to come

What you’ll do:

  • meet SAS staff members and other students
  • begin the transition process from high school to university
  • learn about SAS programs and services, as well as other university supports
  • initiate the process of setting up your academic accommodations

Please check back in mid-June to register. 


START Accessible (Virtual*)

This is our most comprehensive orientation program, and the one we recommend. It runs for two and a half days just prior to Labour Day weekend.

At START Accessible, you can

  • get settled on campus before the hustle and bustle of Orientation Week
  • meet SAS staff and returning students
  • learn about academic life
  • begin the process of setting up accommodations
  • learn how to access resources that will help you achieve success in your first year 
  • move into residence early (if applicable)
  • learn about adaptive technology
  • develop skills to help you be successful in first year

  • tour SAS and the exam centre

Sign up for START Accessible by August 1st    

*This will be an on-line virtual conference style program.  


Orientation Workshop

Who it’s for:

  • Students who are new to SAS
  • Students who cannot attend START Accessible
  • When: You will be assigned to a 30 minute Virtual Workshop which will take place during the first 3 weeks of classes.

What you'll do: 

  • Learn briefly about our programs and services
  • Meet with your SAS Advisor to discuss academic accommodations following your participation in the workshop
  • Meet other students
  • Learn what you need to do to access accommodations, supports and services through SAS

Sign up for Orientation Workshop by September 1st 

Can’t make it to any of the above programs?

Contact us as soon as possible. We can discuss other ways to help you learn about the ways SAS can help you during your time at the University of Guelph.

Also, be sure to check out our Plan Your Semester workshop at the start of each semester.