Get Involved with SAS

Get involved with SAS! If you're interested in joining our team, check out the opportunities below and contact SAS for more information.

Exam Proctors

Each semester we hire part-time casual staff members to monitor students writing their exams. Please note that we do not hire current undergraduate students as proctors.

Peer Helpers

Student Accessibility Services has a team of 10 volunteer Peer Helpers who assist SAS students with academic and practical needs. We recruit twice a year, in fall and winter. Responsibilities include:

  • Meal guides support students who need help obtaining their meals. They also join them for their meals.
  • Guides help students get to classes or anywhere else on campus they need to go.
  • One to one work with students who experience various difficulties in academics, including assistance with finding tutors, and helping with procrastination and time management.
  • Recreation Equity on Campus (REC) club promotes the group and assists students with their workout regime.
  • Social Event and Fundraising creates and promotes activities to involve SAS students more at the University.

Time Commitment: 5 hours/week (~60 hours/semester).

Work Study Students

These students are employed through the Work Study Program, which offers opportunities for students with demonstrated financial need. These part-time staff members help run our volunteer note taking service.

Volunteer Note Takers

Volunteer Note Takers agree to share their notes from their own regular classes. This helps students in those same classes who encounter barriers to taking their own notes. Individuals who receive notes could have a dexterity impairment, an information processing impairment, or experience some other functional limitation. Our volunteers help these students achieve academic success, and many volunteers report improvements in their own learning by participating in this program.