Alternative Format Text

What is Alternative Format Text?

Alternative format text is a digital version course material (readings, exams, etc.) that allows students to use adaptive technologies. MS Word or RTF (rich text format) are the preferred versions. PDF documents can present difficulties for adaptive technology.

Tests and Exams

SAS will notify faculty of the need for a digital copy of a test or exam at least three days ahead of the scheduled writing time.

If your exam involves mathematical notations, we may be able to accept a PDF version depending on the software the student is using.  We will specify the preferred format when we request a copy of the exam. Please contact us if you run into difficulties.

Assigned Readings

Library Accessibility Services has an Alternative Format Text Service that helps students access textbooks and other academic materials in accessible formats such as braille, audio transcription, or digitized versions for screen readers.

Note that it can take 4 to 6 weeks to acquire some alternative format text. As a result, faculty members may be contacted well in advance of the semester start for assistance in identifying the materials needed for an upcoming course.