Returning Students

Semester Request

All students enrolled in courses must complete a semester request at the beginning of every semester.

  1. You will receive an email from SAS reminding you to make a semester request.
  2. Go into Accessibility Online (AO) and click the Semester Request button.
  3. Your advisor will get a notification of the request.
  • If everything is okay, your advisor will approve the semester request. All of your accommodations will be extended.
  • If your advisor wants to meet with you, they’ll send you an email to make an appointment. After you’ve met, the advisor will approve the semester request.

You will not have access to your accommodations until your semester request is approved.


Regular Registration Process

SAS students should book an appointment with their advisor at the start of the semester.

  • Meet with your advisor to:
    • review your previous semester
    • discuss your current plans
    • ensure you have the right accommodations in place
    • review fluctuations in your health or medications as they pertain to your academics

Returning students need to do a semester request through Accessibility Online.


Pre-Approved Registration

You can by-pass the regular in-person appointment at the beginning of the semester if

  • you have been registered with SAS for at least two semesters
  • you have a permanent disability
  • there are no changes in your accommodation needs
  • you have received an email from your SAS advisor letting you know you’re eligible for pre-approval

Students who are pre-approved need to do a semester request through Accessibility Online.


Drop-in Advising

Drop-in appointments are available most days between 10:30 and 11:30.

  • No need to book ahead
  • Sign in at the front desk downstairs at JT Powell 
  • Come upstairs to the SAS waiting room

Drop-in appointments last 20 minutes and are good for troubleshooting specific problems.

Drop-in times may vary from semester to semester. Double check your advisor’s availability before you visit.