Every student who registers with SAS is assigned to an advisor who will provide support throughout the student’s time at the University of Guelph.  The role of an Advisor is to:

  • Work with students and faculty to negotiate appropriate accommodations,
  • Refer students to other support services on campus, such as Personal Counselling, Program Counselling, the Stress Management Clinic, Student Health Services and Student Financial Services.
  • Communicate with professors, faculty advisors, program counsellors and other university staff as needed. Advisors will ask the student for permission to talk engage in this communication.
  • Help students develop appropriate compensatory strategies specific to their abilities.
  • Advise students about disability-related issues to assist them in navigating university procedures.
  • Support students in understanding and accepting their disability and to develop self-advocacy skills.

Students will meet with their personal advisor after they have met with the intake advisor and after they have provided documentation.

Students can book appointments with their advisor throughout the year for support and guidance in academic accommodations.

A note about Program Counselling

Each undergraduate degree program has a program counsellors with expertise in degree program requirements and regulations (e.g. Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Science,etc.), as well as the various specializations and their fit within the degree program. Program counsellors are also familiar with the academic policies and procedures that govern all degree programs.

While program counsellors are not part of SAS, they frequently work with SAS advisors to support the learning needs of students who experience disabilities.