Word Processors

If documentation suggests the need, some students may use a word processor as an accommodation. This may be due to a dexterity impairment or as the result of a learning disability. If a student has use of a word processor, it includes spelling and grammar check functions.

Students must make sure a word processor is available to them at the Exam Centre!

If your SAS Advisor has approved the use of a word processor for your tests and/or exams,

1. Verify the format of the exam with the professor well before the test/exam. Make sure that the test/exam does indeed have a written component to it. (Multiple choice exams usually don't require a word processor.)

2. When booking your test/exam. please specify that you require a word processor. If you don’t make a reservation ahead of time, we cannot guarantee you’ll be able to use a word processor.


Online tests or quizzesIf you have an online test or quiz, make arrangements directly with your professor. Our word processors are not connected to the internet.

If you have any questions about the use of a word processor during tests/exams, please contact your SAS Advisor or the SAS Exam Centre well in advance of your exam.