St. Patricks Day Resources

Mar 16th, 2022

With St. Patrick’s Day this week, U of G reminds all those planning to celebrate to do so safely and to be considerate of others, including emergency responders.

We’re all part of the same community — remember that your choices affect others, too. This week is also March break, which means children and their families will be spending more time outside in community neighbourhoods. City police and by-law officers will have an increased presence as they do their jobs to keep everyone safe.

Grab Some Snacks!

On March 16, Student Wellness Services will be in the University Centre courtyard between 9:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. to provide students with St. Patrick’s Day harm reduction kits. The kits include hydrating beverages, snacks and safety resources and are available while supplies last.

Safety Reminders

If you’re planning to celebrate, remember the basics:

  • Know your own limits.
  • Make sure to get consent at all times.
  • Watch over your friends and get them help if they have over-consumed or are engaging in risky behaviour.

If you’re gathering with others, remember: the pandemic isn’t over. Be aware of the COVID-19 risks associated with crowded spaces.

Responsible Hosting

Party hosts should make sure they understand the risks for noise and nuisance fines. Remember to be respectful of your home and those of your neighbours. Students who register their party with Off-Campus Living can learn more about city and University expectations for such gatherings. Our Off-Campus Living Team will provide advice on minimizing disruptions, handling neighbourhood complaints, and interacting with police and by-law officers. Since 2015, more than 95 per cent of parties that were registered with Off-Campus Living have been free of fines.

Guests are not permitted in U of G residences between 8 a.m. on March 17 and noon on March 20.

This St. Patrick’s Day, lean into your Gryphon values. Be respectful of your community by engaging in safe and responsible behaviour!



Substance Use Tips:

For all substances, make a plan! If you choose to drink or use substances there are things you can do to have a safer time. 

  • Where are you going and how are you going to get there AND home?
  • If you're not going home, where are you sleeping?
  • What substance are you using? Remember, it’s best not to mix!
  • How much are you using?
  • At what time do you want to stop?

Drinking alcohol? Tips for a better experience tonight & tomorrow:

  •  Eat something before you start drinking
  •  Drink something non-alcoholic between alcoholic drinks
  •  Drink slowly – Have no more than 2 drinks in any 3 hours
  •  Stick with your group and look out for each other
  • It’s also okay to not be into drinking or using other substances. It’s always okay to make another choice. You can swap out a drink for a mocktail, hang out in smaller groups, or find an event to attend on GryphLife.
  • Remember that if you choose to drink, or use other substances, you cannot safely consent to any kind of sexual activity. Consent is mandatory when it comes to sex.


Understanding consent and respecting each other’s boundaries is essential at all times. Consent requires communication & checking-in to ensure that everyone is comfortable & safe. 

Remember the FRIES model of Consent. Consent must be:

  • Freely given (without pressure or coercion)
  • Reversible (can be taken away at any time)
  • Informed (you have all the information present to make a decision)
  • Exact (consent to one thing does not mean consent to everything)
  • Sincere (showing active interest)

Do you need support? We're here.

If you or someone you know has been impacted by sexual violence, you can connect with our Sexual Violence Coordinator at 519-824-4120 X 53020 or email or learn more about our resources at the University of Guelph: 


*seeking support and/or disclosing does not require you to report. You get to choose whatever support options are best for you! 

More Tips to Stay Safe This St. Patricks Day:

  • Don't share drinks, joints, or equipment
  • Stick with your group of friends
  • Eat something before you start drinking
  • Alternate between non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages
  • Download the SafeGryphon App to keep track of your friends or quickly call emergency services if needed

St. Patricks Day Meal Plan:

The effects of substances are felt more intensely on an empty stomach. Make sure to get some food into you during St. Paddy's celebrations!

Breakfast: Some quick and easy options include:

  • pancakes
  • eggs any style
  • hashbrowns and potatoes
  • cereal
  • oatmeal

Any carbs are a good choice for some extra energy and sustenance!


You might be on the go around lunchtime, grab some quick eats like pizza, a sub or a burger.

Packing snacks is a good idea too, like granola bars, apples or oranges, juice boxes, and Gatorade

Dinner: Make sure to plan dinner! Here are some tips:

  • get some friends together and cook something or order food together
  • set a timer to remind yourself to eat - especially if you are using substances!