Dunara Homes for Recovery

Phone: (519) 836-2332  
Fax: (519) 836-2352
Email: ybowes@dunara.com (Yvonne Bowes)

329 Gordon St.
Guelph, ON 
N1G 1X7

Mission Statement

Dunara is a recovery oriented, community centered agency that helps to foster independent living and quality of life through short-term/long-term residential/crisis and community programs for individuals experiencing mental health issues.


We offer flexible support by meeting individuals where they are on their own recovery journey.  We build cooperative efforts with community partners to ensure quality support for individuals.  We provide our Partnering Agencies a safe place for people with increasingly complex needs within our community.  We are committed to utilizing a team approach that includes a philosophy of respect, dignity, and individuality of the people we care for.

The above excerpt was obtained from the Dunara Homes for Recovery website.