New Student Task List

Apply to the University of Guelph

Admission Services provides all of the information you need to apply just the same as any other student.  In addition, if you have a disability that you feel has adversely affected your grades, you may want to read more about prospective students who experience a disability.  You may also wish to review our transition planner.

Register with SAS

Note that even if you had contact with us during the application process, you will need to register after you accept an offer of admission by completing the New Student Intake Form and submitting supporting documentation from an appropriate health professional.  Please review the documentation guidelines for more information.

UofG Email

This is the primary way the University communicates with students.  Be sure to regularly check your email throughout the summer months for important notifications.

SAS Transition Programs

  • Learning Disabilities: Experience to Understanding (PSYC 1300) is a credit course for students diagnosed with a specific learning disability in the winter semester.
  • Intro to SAS provides new students who experience a disability and their families with an orientation program to help facilitate the transition to life as a university student.  Offered in conjuction with START On Campus, which is hosted by the Student Experience department.
  • START Accessible is an orientation program in the last few days of August for all new students with a disability.

Student Life

The Student Life department at University of Guelph provides a number of transition programs for all new students of all abilities, including and Orientation Week.

Financial Aid

There are a number of financial aid resources available. If you require financial assistance, be sure to apply for OSAP as soon as possible. In addition, there are some scholarships, bursaries, tuition relief and other awards to help offset the disabiltiy-related costs of your education. Be sure to ask your SAS Advisor for more information.

START Accessible

Every student who experiences a disability and is new to the University of Guelph should participate in one of our START Accessible programs in order to expediate the process of getting the help you need to be academically successful.