Information in this section has been provided based on some of the questions and concerns that faculty members frequently raise with us. We are happy to offer further explanation - please do not hesitate to contact us.

Recent Updates

Resources in Response to COVID-19 from Summer 2020

On-going Resources

  • Privacy of student information: how to avoid potential privacy concerns
  • Academic misconduct is a concern for all members of the university community, and something for which the Exam Centre offers careful vigilance.
  • Alternate format text allows students to access textbooks and other academic materials using a variety of adaptive technologies.
  • Alternate scheduling of exams is occasionally necessary for disability-related or operational reasons.
  • Our courier service helps to ensure exams are delivered on time and in the right place.
  • Course outlines contain critical information relating to accessibility.
  • Disclosure of a disability is entirely at the discretion of the student, and we do what we can to facilitate that process when appropriate.
  • Essential requirements are tasks or activities that are core to the specific learning outcomes of a course or program.
  • Proctors, readers and scribes form an important part of the services provided in the Exam Centre.
  • Principles of accessible education can help to reduce the need for academic accommodations by design. Open Learning and Educational Support are invaluable partners in this pursuit.

Accommodations and Services

Faculty members are often interested in some of the more sensitive accommodations such as the use of calculators and memory aids.  Note that some students make use of a word processor as an accommodation, which includes spelling and gramar check functions. This may be due to a dexterity impairment, or as the result of a learning disability.  

For students who experience barriers to taking notes in class, our Note Taking Office may reach out for assistance in identifying a volunteer.  

More information about accommodations is available under the "what we do" menu item at the top of this page.