Privacy & Confidentiality

When accommodations have been agreed upon between the student and SAS, a document listing the terms of the agreement is generated. Students are typically asked to sign this document and can choose to retain a copy for their records if they wish. If a student is engaged in negotiating accommodations with a faculty member on their own behalf, they may be asked to produce this agreement as evidence that SAS has verified the student's disability-related needs.

Student Agreement: Limited Disclosure to Instructors

The following are key elements of the accommodations agreement:

This agreement will be valid for the duration of my degree program and while I continue to require supports and services from Student Accessibility Services.  By accessing any services during a given semester I am agreeing to the following:

I acknowledge and accept that the provision of services for students with disabilities is a shared responsibility between me and the University of Guelph.  I consent to SAS Advisors and staff releasing information to University of Guelph faculty, departments and services if such release relates to the supplying of accommodation and services.

The accommodations listed above have been agreed upon between myself and my SAS advisor.  I will take responsibility for promptly notifying SAS to all changes in course work or other personal situations that will impact on these accommodations (ie, exam format change, dropped courses etc.).   I am aware that I am required to meet SAS deadlines and follow procedures for accessing these accommodations.

Parents, Families & Friends

Under normal circumstances, SAS cannot disclose any personal information about our students to parents, families and friends. In the event that a student has a disability where additional support is needed from a family member, we ask our students to sign a release form that gives us permission to disclose information relevant to that support. This agreement can be revoked by the student at any time and must be renewed every twelve months.

Other Service Providers

SAS works collaboratively with numerous departments on campus such as Counselling Services, Health Services, Program Counsellors, and Student Housing.  Simiarly, we sometimes seek to coordinate supports with off-campus service providers such as psychologists, physicians, and other health professionals involved in the student's care.  In all of these cases, we seek written permission from the student before engaging with these professionals.


Student Accessibility Services maintains a file for each student who uses our services. This file includes documentation you have provided to us and a record of our work together. These records are not shared with any other service providers on campus.

Uses of Personal Information

We use your personal information to:

  • Provide support and academic accommodations to you
  • Obtain payment for the programs and services you use through funding provided by the Ministry of Advanced Education & Skills Development
  • Plan, administer and manage our internal operations
  • Conduct risk management and quality improvement activities,
  • Engage in teaching and research in accordance with applicable legislation
  • Compile statistics
  • Retain and destroy records in accordance with the law
  • Comply with legal and regulatory requirements
  • Fulfill other purposes permitted or required by law


Students may access and correct their own personal records, or withdraw consent for some of the above uses and disclosures by contacting us (subject to legal exceptions).

Important Information

We take steps to protect your personal information from theft, loss and unauthorized access, copying, modification, use, disclosure and disposal.

We conduct audits and investigations to monitor and manage our privacy compliance.

We take steps to ensure that everyone who performs services for us protects your privacy and only uses your personal health information for the purposes to which you have consented.

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