OV Applications Due Friday

Posted on Monday, March 6th, 2017

Have you signed up to be an Orientation Volunteer for 2017 yet? The application deadline is this Friday (March 10)!

You can sign up now at guelphoweek.ca

Don’t forget to remind your friends of the deadline and let them know that they can request you to be on their team. We’ve heard great feedback from previous OVs that having their friends on their team was a blast!

Already Submitted an Application?

You can check that your application was submitted by logging onto GryphLife.ca and doing the following:

  • Click your name at the top right
  • Click "Submissions"
  • Your "Orientation Volunteer Application 2017" will appear as "Pending" if submitted

Orientation Team
Student Transition Office | Student Life
+1-519-824-4120 ext. 53792

Exam Centre Deadline

The 40th Class Day is the last day to book tests, midterms and final exams with the Exam Centre. Login to Accessibility Online to book now.

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