Process for an ADHD Assessment

If you have documentation supporting a diagnosis of ADHD, please complete a New Student Intake Form found here: Registering for SAS for the First Time and upload your supporting documentation. This can be done either after you have completed the questionnaire section of the application, or by using the link that is provided in the confirmation email after submitting your application.


Please note: There is a growing trend for individuals who suspect they have ADHD turning to online adult treatment centres to obtain a diagnosis. While these providers primarily focus on pharmacological treatment plans, they often cannot provide supporting documentation that is required at post-secondary institutions which includes providing specific information about the student's functional abilities. For SAS to provide academic accommodations, there needs to be documentation about functional abilities so that accommodations can align with the student’s needs.


When a student does not have documentation, a Functional Assessment for Neurodevelopmental Conditions (ADHD or ASD) can be submitted.  Please talk to your healthcare provider about completing this documentation. You can read more about our documentation guidelines here.

Important: Tests & Exams

If you use the SAS Exam Centre, please remember that all test and exam bookings must be submitted at least 10 BUSINESS DAYS ahead of when you intend to write.

In addition, the last day any bookings can be received is the first business day in November, March or July as appropriate for the semester.
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